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If you're like most ordinary Americans, you're not thrilled that ever since George W. Bush came into office 15 years ago your income has flat lined.

It probably doesn't make much sense to you that CEO pay and Wall Street bonuses have exploded while most Americans can't keep up with the rising cost of living.

Bush came into office with a mandate from the CEO class to change the rules of the economic game, and ever since ordinary people have paid the price while Wall Street banks, big corporations, CEOs and billionaires have wallowed in their increasing wealth.

Well if you didn't like the way the CEO class used their huge political donations and fleet of lobbyists to manipulate the economic rules last time, wait until you see what they've cooked up now.

An outfit called the "Center for Individual Rights" -- which is a front group for the notorious Koch Brothers financial network and other mega-wealthy right wing CEOs -- has filed a lawsuit asking the U.S. Supreme Court to substantially weaken the ability of working people to negotiate together for better wages and working conditions.

Since then CIR has followed through on the founders' anti-civil rights focus by challenging the 1965 Voting Rights Act that was the product of the battle for voting rights in Selma. In addition to challenging the rights of employees to negotiate with employers, CIR has also concentrated heavily on attacking affirmative action programs.

All of this is part of a long-term, highly orchestrated campaign by right-wing, CEO-backed organizations to undermine the bargaining power of ordinary working people. They are very explicit about their goal of a "union-free" environment; one where a company's workers have no rights and have to accept whatever pay and working conditions the billionaires and Wall Street Banks that own them will offer.

They do not believe that a company's employees should have anything to say about their wages or working conditions. They want the market -- which is to say the owners -- to have complete control over what they see fit to pay.

They have chosen to begin their attacks on the rights of ordinary workers by taking on public employees. And, of course, the CEO class has no interest in paying public employees like teachers, firefighters and water safety inspectors descent wages, since instead they want taxes on the rich to be even lower.

But don't be fooled. Their attack won't stop with public employees. If they win there, they plan to expand those attacks to working people throughout the country.

The CEO crowd already makes an average of 354 times the pay of their workers. The CEO of Chipotle makes 1,522 times the rate of his average employees and the CEO of Walmart makes 1,133 times as much.


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