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Govermnets around the world are operating a "Legalized Criminal Racket", unlike the "mob" who operated an "Illegal Criminal Racket".

On December 25, 2012, three public trustees disclosed groundbreaking legal documents filed on behalf of THE ONE PEOPLE.  From this moment, a grassroots movement was born as the documents swept across the globe like wildfire.

The Declaration of Independence says our rights are “unalienable”. Jefferson knew exactly what he was doing when he said that our rights are “unalienable”.

1st was illegally suspended in favor of a Vatican “Crown” corporation in 1871

This presentation focuses on the myriad ways in which the powers-that-be in the United States have been systematically dumbing down Americans as a society for a very long time – all by meticulously calculated design.

Used nationwide to prevent people of color from purchasing homes in white communities.

MENA, Ark. - What do Bill Clinton and Oliver North have in common, along with the Arkansas State Police and the Central Intelligence Agency? All probably wish they had never heard of Mena.

The U.S. State Department has been handing over billions of dollars in grants for foreign projects --

School officials have grossly overreacted to the real or perceived bad behavior of some black students.

 Many citizens assume that our federal and state governments support the basic American goals of freedom, fairness, and "equal justice for all." After all, these are founding principles on which our nation and constitution were established.

August 30, 1996

Janet Reno

Attorney General

10th & Constitutional Ave., NW

Washington, D.C. 20530


Dear Madam General:

I am writing on an issue of utmost concern to me, my constituents, and, indeed, the fair application of justice in our society.

As you are probably aware, the San Jose Mercury News did a recent series of newspaper articles outlining the origins of the crack cocaine trade in the United States. What those articles traced, among other things, is the long-term relationship between Norwin Meneses, a Nicaraguan drug trafficker, Danilo Blandon, a Nicaraguan businessperson connected to the Contra rebels as well as a drug trader, and Rick Ross, an American who worked with Blandon distributing crack cocaine in this country. These individuals represent a much broader and more troubling relationship between U.S. intelligence and security policy, drug smuggling, and the spread of crack cocaine into the United States 

The information contained in the newspaper articles -- as well as related issues highlighted in other fora over the past several years -- raises concerns on many different levels. But what is clearly established by the San Jose Mercury News is the implication of the United States government, in particular the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), in using the services of both Meneses and Blandon, and their use of the proceeds of drug sales to implement CIA-directed efforts to raise money for weapons to overthrow the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. Thus, portions of this country may have been exposed, indeed introduced, to the horror of crack cocaine because certain U.S.-government paid or organized operatives smuggled, transported, and sold it to American citizens. 

Crack cocaine has ravaged many communities in this country. You know I am deeply concerned about this problem. In addition to the stress caused by crack cocaine use, I am also terribly disturbed by the heavy-handed, arbitrary, and discriminatory mandatory minimum sentences which politicians have attached to crack cocaine use and possession. These sentences have the effect of severely punishing small-time users, and are prosecuted in a discriminatory way which disproportionately impacts African-American males.

In contrast, the San Jose Mercury News documents the exceeding light punishment that has been applied to both Meneses and Blandon, despite their years of involvement in massive scale drug trading. Again, the notion that a U.S.-government agency knew about the drug-tainted resources that were funding a war in Nicaragua, and the idea that those involved allowed a major infusion of cocaine onto the streets of America because of its blind devotion to win a war -- a war which was at the time being conducted secretly -- is among the more devastating assertions one could make about this government. As someone who has seen how the crack cocaine trade has devastated the South-Central Los Angeles community, and as a public official, I cannot exaggerate my feelings of dismay that my own government may have played a part in the origins and history of this problem.

Moreover, Danilo Blandon, is currently on the payroll of the government of the United States, an agent for the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). This mastermind drug dealer recently testified against Rick Ross, in essence freeing himself for the years of torment, devastation, and ruined lives for which he is responsible. Blandon's testimony against Ross is only the most recent example of a large-scale, international drug importer who scapegoats a local distributer for his own evils. Amazingly, by virtue of Blandon's years of pumping drugs into this country, his intimate knowledge of the inner-workings of drug trafficking, and his connections to the crack cocaine trade in the U.S. -- and thus, his use to federal prosecutors -- he has shifted all his responsibility and punishment onto Ross, while Blandon now lives a comfortable life. The unfairness of this arrangement is so obvious so as to offend any American's sense of justice.

As a U.S. Representative of South-Central Los Angeles, one of the communities most ravaged by crack cocaine, I have a keen desire to get answers to the many questions that have been raised by the San Jose Mercury News expose.

As you know, in the late 1980s, Congress held extensive hearings on the connection between foreign policy, narcotics, and law enforcement. Those hearings produced damning evidence of wrongdoing. However, due to continual obstruction, from many different sources -- including federal law enforcement agencies -- those hearings were not able to establish as precise a trail of guilt as the recent San Jose Mercury News article has, at least as it pertains to the origin of the crack cocaine trade in the U.S.

Given the severity of these assertions, I would like to obtain as much information as I can about the particulars of this disturbing case. I see thousands of young men being sent to jail for five, ten, twenty years, with no hope of parole or another chance -- because of relatively small-time drug use and possession. Yet, it seems, our own government may have been a key initiator -- knowingly or unknowingly -- in bringing this killer into our neighborhoods. You can imagine what message this sends to the millions of young people who see their communities destroyed by this foreign substance. A story like this, and the terrible example it sets for those who struggle every day against a drug culture desperate for converts, can ruin years of work to imbue a sense of self-respect and trust in government efforts to break the drug cycle in our communities.

Please know that I want to be in close touch with your office on this matter. I would like to request a full and complete investigation into the connection between law enforcement agencies, most particularly the CIA, and the early-1980s importation of crack cocaine. In addition, I would like to know what actions may have allowed these drug shipments to continue. I would also like to know the status of any efforts to investigate, punish, or prosecute those involved in this matter.

I understand there are legal proceedings underway which makes it more difficult to share certain information. However, much of the information has already been made public, and surely, much more is available. The impact and the implications of the Meneses/Blandon/Ross/Contra/C.I.A. crack cocaine connection cannot be understated. As such, I would request in the most urgent manner I can, that your organization work with me to bring some resolution to this critical matter.

We all have an obligation to get to the very bottom of the origin, development, and implementation of this seedy enterprise. I look forward to working closely with you to bring about greater understanding, a full airing of the events surrounding this incident, and, hopefully, a satisfactory conclusion to this entire ordeal. Thank you in advance for your cooperation.



Maxine Waters

Racial Preferences 

Trend Continues to Grow as American Workers Suffer

The general power of juries to decide on verdicts was recognised in the English Magna Carta[18] of 1215, which put into words existing practices:

Through the ages lawyers have always been beholden to bankers. 

So how pervasive is overseas outsourcing in our economy? 

Barbara Jordan stood above the rest.

Admiralty Maritime Law is commercial law.  We are controlled by commercial law and courts.

Yes, there is another government concealed behind the one that is visible at either end of Pennsylvania Avenue, a hybrid entity of public and private institutions ruling the country…

In law, words have exact meanings, and the use of law revolves around how words are defined.

What we don't readily acknowledge is that racial preferences have a long, institutional history in this country - a white history. Here are a few ways in which government programs and practices have channeled wealth and opportunities to white people at the expense of others.

What About The Rest Of The World?

Article 100 - Cestui Que Vie Trust

Canon 2036  (link)

A Cestui Que Vie Trust, also known by several other pseudonyms such as “Term of Life or Years” or “Pur Autre Vie” or "Fide Commissary Trust" or “Foreign Situs Trust” or “Secret Trust” is a pseudo form of trust first formed in the 16th Century under Henry VIII of England on one or more presumptions including (but not limited to) one or more Persons presumed wards, infants, idiots, lost or abandoned at “sea” and therefore assumed/presumed “dead” after seven (7) years. Additional presumptions by which such a Trust may be “legally” formed were added in later statutes to include bankruptcy, incapacity, mortgages and private companies.

Canon 2037  (link)

In terms of the evidential history of the formation of Cestui Que Vie Trusts:

(i) The first Cestui Que Vie Trusts formed were through an Act of Henry VIII of England in 1540 (32Hen.8 c1) and later wholly corrupted whereby the poor people of England, after having all their homes, goods and wealth seized in 1535 (27Hen.8 c.28) under the “guise” of small religious estates under £200, were granted the welfare or “commonwealth” benefit of an Cestui Que Use or simply an “estate” with which to live, to work and to bequeath via a written will; and

(ii) In 1666 Westminster and the ruling classes passed the infamous “Proof of Life Act” also called the Cestui Que Vie Act (19Car.2 c.6) whereby the poor and disenfranchised that had not “proven” to Westminster and the Courts they were alive, were henceforth to be declared “dead in law” and therefore lost, abandoned and their property to be managed in their absence. This supremely morally repugnant act, which remains in force today, is the birth of Mundi and the infamous occult rituals of the British Courts in the wearing of black robes and other paraphernalia in honoring the “dead”; and

(iii) In 1707 Westminster under Queen Anne (6Ann c.18) extended the provisions of “Proof of Life” and Cestui Que Vie, extending the use of such structures ultimately for corporate and other franchise purposes. This wicked, profane and completely sacrilegious act in direct defiance to all forms of Christian morals and Rule of Law has remained a cornerstone of global banking and financial control to the 21st Century; and

(iv) In 1796, King George III (36 Geo.3. c.52 §20) duty was applied to Estates Pur Autre Vie for the first time; and

(v) In 1837 (1 Vict. c.26) and the amendments to the nature of Wills, that if a person under an Estate Pur Autre Vie (Cestui Que Vie) did not make a proper will, then such property would be granted to the executors and administrators.

Canon 2038  (link)

In terms of the evidential history of the operation and any form of relief or remedy associated with Cestui Que Vie Trusts, taking into account all Statutes referencing Cestui Que Vie prior to 1540 are a deliberate fraud and proof of the illegitimacy of Westminster Statutes:

(i) The “first” Act outlining Cestui Que (Vie) Trusts is deliberately hidden under the claimed statutes of the reign of King Richard III in 1483 (1Rich.3 c.1) whereby the act (still in force) states that all conveyances and transfers and use of property is good, even though a purchaser may be unaware it is effectively under “cestui que use” (subject to a Cestui Que Vie Trust). The act also gives a vague and challenge path of relief that if one is of complete mind, not an infant and not under financial duress then any property under Cestui Que Vie Trusts is rightfully theirs for use; and

(ii) The “second” Act outlining Cestui Que (Vie) Trusts is deliberately hidden under the reign of Henry 7th in 1488 (4Hen.7 c.17) permitted lords to render any attempt by people classed as “wards” to demonstrate their freedom useless and that such lords may use writs and other devices to “force” such people back to being compliant “wards” (poor slaves). The only remedy under this act was if a ward demonstrated the waste of the lord as to the property (and energy) seized from the poor (ignorant white slaves); and

(iii) The “third” Act outlining the operation of Cestui Que Vie only hidden this time as Estate Pur Autre Vie was in 1741 under 14Geo.2 c.20) whereby one who was knowledgeable of the Cestui Que Vie slavery system could between the ages of 18 to 20, seek to recover such property under Cestui Que Vie and cease to be a slave. However, the same act made law that after 20 years, the remedy for such recovery was no longer available, despite the fact that the existence of Cestui Que Vie Trusts is denied and Westminster and Banks are sworn to lie, obstruct, hide at all cost the existence of the foundations of global banking slavery.

Canon 2039  (link)

In terms of essential elements concerning Cestui Que Vie Trusts:

(i) A Cestui Que (Vie) Trust may only exist for seventy (70) years being the traditional accepted "life" expectancy of the estate; and

(ii) A Beneficiary under Estate may be either a Beneficiary or a Cestui Que (Vie) Trust. When a Beneficiary loses direct benefit of any Property of the higher Estate placed in Cestui Que (Vie) Trust on their behalf, they do not “own” the Cestui Que (Vie) Trust and are only the beneficiary of what the Trustees of the Cestui Que (Vie) Trustchoose to provide them; and

(iii) The original purpose and function of a Cestui Que (Vie) Trust was to form a temporary Estate for the benefitof another because some event, state of affairs or condition prevented them from claiming their status as living, competent and present before a competent authority. Therefore, any claims, history, statutes or arguments that deviate in terms of the origin and function of a Cestui Que (Vie) Trust as pronounced by these canons is false and automatically null and void. 

Canon 2040  (link)

The Trust Corpus created by a Cestui Que (Vie) is also known as the Estate from two Latin words e+statuo literally meaning “by virtue of decree, statute or judgment”. However, as the Estate is held in a Temporary not permanent Trust, the (CorporatePerson as Beneficiary is entitled only to equitable title and the use of the Property, rather than legal title and therefore ownership of the Property. Only the Corporation, also known as Body CorporateEstate and Trust Corpus of a Cestui Que (Vie) Trust possesses valid legal personality.

Canon 2041  (link)

The Property of any Estate created through a Temporary (Testamentary) Trust may be regarded as under “Cestui Que Use” by the Corporate Person, even if another name or description is used to define the type of trust or use. Therefore “Cestui Que Use is not a Person but a Right and therefore a form of "property".

Canon 2042  (link)

In 1534, prior to the 1st Cestui Que Vie Act (1540), Henry VIII declared the first Cestui Que Vie type estate with the Act of Supremecy which created the Crown Estate. In 1604, seventy (70) years later, James I of England modified the estate as the Crown Union (Union of Crowns). By the 18th Century, the Crown was viewed as a company. However by the start of the 19th Century around 1814 onwards upon the bankruptcy of the company (1814/15) , it became the fully private Crown Corporation controlled by European private banker families.

Canon 2043  (link)

Since 1581, there has been a second series of Cestui Que Vie Estates concerning the property of "persons" and rights which migrated to the United States for administration including:

(i) In 1651 the Act for the Settlement of Ireland 1651-52 which introduced the concept of "settlements", enemies of the state and restrictions of movement in states of "emergency"; and

(ii) In 1861 the Emergency Powers Act 1861; and

(iii) In 1931 the Emergency Relief and Construction Act 1931-32; and

(iv) in 2001 the Patriot Act 2001.

Canon 2044  (link)

Since 1591, there has been a third series of Cestui Que Vie Estates concerning the property of "soul" and ecclesiastical rights which migrated to the United States for administration including:

(i) In 1661 the Act of Settlement 1661-62; and

(ii) In 1871 the District of Columbia Act 1871; and

(iii) In 1941 the Lend Lease Act 1941.

Canon 2045  (link)

By 1815 and the bankruptcy of the Crown and Bank of England by the Rothschilds, for the 1st time, the Cestui Que Vie Trusts of the United Kingdom became assets placed in private banks effectively becoming "private trusts" or "Fide Commissary Trusts" administered by commissioners (guardians). From 1835 and the Wills Act, these private trusts have been also considered "Secret Trusts" whose existence does not need to be divulged.

Canon 2046  (link)

From 1917/18 with the enactment of the Sedition Act and the Trading with the Enemy Act in the United States and through the United Kingdom, the citizens of the Commonwealth and the United States became effectively "enemies of the state" and "aliens" which in turn converted the "Fide Commissary" private secret trusts to "Foreign Situs" (Private International) Trusts.

Canon 2047  (link)

In 1931, a cabal of Wall Street Banks created the Bank for International Settlements for the control of claimed propertyof associated private central banks around the world. Upon the deliberate bankruptcy of most countries, private central banks were installed as administrators and the global Cestui Que Vie/Foreign Situs Trust system was implemented from 1933 onwards.

Canon 2048  (link)

Since 1933, when a child is borne in a State(Estate) under inferior Roman law, three (3) Cestui Que (Vie) Trusts are created upon certain presumptions, specifically designed to deny the child forever any rights of Real Property, any Rights as a Free Person and any Rights to be known as man and woman rather than a creature or animal, by claiming and possessing their Soul or Spirit.

Canon 2049  (link)

Since 1933, upon a new child being borne, the Executors or Administrators of the higher Estate willingly and knowingly convey the beneficial entitlements of the child as Beneficiary into the 1st Cestui Que(Vie) Trust in the formof a Registry Number by registering the Name, thereby also creating the Corporate Person and denying the child any rights as an owner of Real Property.  

Canon 2050  (link)

Since 1933, when a child is borne, the Executors or Administrators of the higher Estate knowingly and willingly claimthe baby as chattel to the Estate. The slave baby contract is then created by honoring the ancient tradition of either having the ink impression of the feet of the baby onto the live birth record, or a drop of its blood as well as tricking the parents to signing the baby away through the deceitful legal meanings on the live birth record. This live birth record as a promissory note is converted into a slave bond sold to the private reserve bank of the estate and then conveyed into a 2nd and separate Cestui Que (Vie) Trust per child owned by the bank. Upon the promissory note reaching maturity and the bank being unable to “seize” the slave child, a maritime lien is lawfully issued to “salvage” the lost propertyand itself monetized as currency issued in series against the Cestui Que (Vie) Trust.

Canon 2051  (link)

Each Cestui Que Vie Trust created since 1933 represents one of the 3 Crowns representing the 3 claims of propertyof the Roman Cult, being Real PropertyPersonal Property and Ecclesiastical Property and the denial of any rights to men and women, other than those chosen as loyal members of the society and as Executors and Administrators.

Canon 2052  (link)

The Three (3) Cestui Que Vie Trusts are the specific denial of rights of Real PropertyPersonal Property and Ecclesiastical Property for most men and women, corresponds exactly to the three forms of law available to the Galla of the Bar Association Courts. The first form of law is corporate commercial law is effective because of the 1st Cestui Que Vie Trust. The second form of law is maritime and trust law is effective because of the 2nd Cestui Que Vie Trust. The 3rd form of law is Talmudic and Roman Cult law is effective because of the 3rd Cestui Que Vie Trust of Baptism.

Canon 2053  (link)

The Birth Certificate issued under Roman Law represents the modern equivalent to the Settlement Certificates of the 17th century and signifies the holder as a pauper and effectively a Roman Slave. The Birth Certificate has no direct relationship to the private secret trusts controlled by the private banking network, nor can it be used to force the administration of a state or nation to divulge the existence of these secret trusts.

Canon 2054  (link)

As the Cestui Que Vie Trusts are created as private secret trusts on multiple presumptions including the ongoing bankruptcy of certain national estates, they remain the claimed private property of the Roman Cult banks and therefore cannot be directly claimed or used.

Canon 2055  (link)

While the private secret trusts of the private central banks cannot be directly addressed, they are still formed on certain presumptions of law including claimed ownership of the name, the body, the mind and soul of infants, men and women. Each and every man and woman has the absolute right to rebuke and reject such false presumptions as a member of One Heaven and holder of their own title.

Canon 2056  (link)

Given the private secret trusts of the private central banks are created on false presumptions, when a man or woman makes clear their Live Borne Record and claim over their own name, bodymind and soul, any such trust based on such false presumptions ceases to have any property.

Canon 2057  (link)

Any Administrator or Executor that refuses to immediately dissolve a Cestui Que (Vie) Trust, upon a Personestablishing their status and competency, is guilty of fraud and fundamental breach of their fiduciary duties requiring their immediate removal and punishment.  

Based on the article below Henrietta Vinton Davis should be canonized as a saint and elevated to a position of fame and glory for her distinct contribution to our history.

Your straw man (Strawman) is an artificial person created by law at the of your birth, the inscription of an ALL-CAPITAL LETTERS NAME on your birth certificate/document, which is a document of title and a negotiable instrument.

Understanding your recourse back into Common and Constitutional Law:

But it was as the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Scottish Rite, and the recognized boss of the southern white masonic order, that Pike exercised the great clandestine power that welded the KKK together.

West’s District Columbia Code Annotated

2001 Edition – pages 19 & 20


The Charter of Maryland


Charles, by the Grace of God, of England, Scotland, France

and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, &c. To all to

whom these presents shall come, Greeting.

“Queen Elizabeth II the largest landowner on Earth.”

Queen Elizabeth II, head of state of the United Kingdom and of 31 other states and territories, is the legal owner of about 6,600 million acres of land, one sixth of the earth’s non ocean surface.

An article on Larry Fink, the CEO of the money management firm Blackrock (which I had never heard of before reading this article) and how their management of $12 trillion in taxpayer cash makes them the single biggest yet also most shadowy financial entity in the country:

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