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Through the ages lawyers have always been beholden to bankers. 

Most of this law has been written behind a cloak of secrecy.  It starts the language of legalese.  In their legal system every word is defined by their original intent.  Every statue or policy is to further entrench the control of European dominance and dominion.   They are under the impression that made them lord and master over all of God’s creations.  This is where the challenge is to be fought.  We all are born sovereign. 

Lawyers produce the invisible infrastructure of life in all modern societies. This home is mine, that car is yours, you can't take that property, she is entitled to that dividend, he earned that wage, your doctor can not disclose that condition, the police can not examine the contents of that car, his insurer must cover the treatment, they have a right to bargain collectively about their working conditions: all those claims presuppose legal rules, rules that lawyers typically wrote, and rules that they help enforce. Civilization does not exist without lawyers, however mundane their tasks may often be.

Lord Judge called on Parliament to clarify the extent to which European Court of Human Rights rulings were binding in the UK.

"The issue that is in play here is not the convention, it's sovereignty. The most fundamental principle of our unwritten constitution is parliamentary sovereignty.

"Our elected representatives have ultimate sovereignty not only over our own unelected judges but in my view over the unelected judges of any other jurisdiction, including Europe, unless we choose to give them sovereignty."


  1. (of The Creator) [God] Supreme authority over all things.
  2. (of a person) [Self] The liberty to decide one's thoughts and actions.
  3. (of a polity) [Culture] The state of making laws and controlling resources without the coercion of other nations.