My Vision for the 21st Century…

My Stuff
  • The preservation of all Creation is paramount.
  • WE (meaning the Nation) come before individual concerns. 
  • Natural law supersedes commercial law.
  • Everyone is entitled to the same standard of food, clothing, and shelter.
  • All health care and education is free.
  • All shelters/abodes are designed equally.
  • All production and intellectual property is the property of the Nation.
  • A Council of Elders will preside over all personal and domestic disputes.
  • We (conscious minds) have to set OUR standards for everything; i.e., schools, government, entertainment, science, agriculture, commerce, manufacturing, health, …
  • No person or group can own The Creators natural resources; water, land, minerals, air, trees, animals/species …
  • We need to bring together Subject Matter Experts for all of OUR institutions.
  • We must find inclusion and synergy with as many Aboriginal/Afrocentric/ cultures (worldwide) from the beginning.
  • We must establish and control OUR communication mediums and propaganda.
  • Sankofa; to acknowledge the ancestors so we may have Divine guidance.
  • All of OUR institution must be spiritually based.  There are numerous indigenous cultures we can draw from.
  • All of Our decisions should take in account universal and environmental preservation first.
  • Although this is MA’AT based, we will respect and provide for other cultures.
  • There will be no for-profit entities.
  • We must devise a bartering system.
  • We must put all Black orgs (churches too) under one banner.
  • Initially, we should dress uniformly, so we’ll be identified as a source for universal sovereignty.
  • There are no beneficiaries to your labor, other than to OUR society as a whole.  Everyone stand on their own merits.
  • Colonial demarcations, laws or capitalism does not affect us.
  • I believe in homeschooling.
  • We need visionaries not rulers.
  • Develop a forthright language without bias.