Things I Have Observed Since the ‘70’s.

My Stuff

    •    Increased military spending.  Just reducing military spending by 30%, we could enjoy free education, free health care and an updated infrastructure.

    •    The continued waging of war; where underserved service people on both sides are directed to kill each other. This government has sponsored both sides of every war.
    •    They are not protecting oil in the Middle East, it’s about controlling the African antiquity in those regions.
    •    Dumbing-down across the board: education, organizations, religion, politics, and jobs.
    •    The out-sourcing of jobs.  Our most high-tech jobs go to European countries and retail jobs go to Central America.
    •    Rising cost of education.
    •    Introduction of Prozac to elementary schools.
    •    Police presence in public schools.
    •    Introduction of crack cocaine.
    •    The Supreme Court selected the President.
    •    Elitists are too big to jail, so says the Attorney General (AG).
    •    Huge increase in minority incarceration.
    •    The denigration of music.
    •    Importation of more than 40 million Hispanics.  This is a scheme to steal their land as was done to Blacks in this country in our migration from the South.
    •    Sistas wearing blonde hair and Brothas ashamed of their baldness.
    •    Not one Black bill initiated by the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC).
    •    Ethnic cleansing of major Black cities.
    •    Freeze in wages for working class.
    •    Minorities control very little land worldwide.
    •    Financial Market corrections are to keep minorities in place.
    •    U.S. Minorities do not own or control any major corporations (products nor services), institutions, or agencies.
    •    All Black organizations, including churches are controlled by Boule/Cointelpro.
    •    Did you know that Germans make up over 55% of the white population in America?
    •    The Vatican and the Queen of England own most of the land, wealth and natural resources, including the people.
    •    The U.S. supplies over 70% of the world’s military equipment and intelligence.
    •    Parents are no longer able to observe their child in the classroom.
    •    Pharmaceutical companies refusing to reduce the price of drugs during the AIDS crisis and not allowing generics.
    •    HR (Human Resources) Departments are gatekeepers for: Office of Budget and Management (OBM, the Federal Government), corporations, agencies and institutions.  The Boule are gatekeepers for all social and Greek organizations.
    •    Of the trillions of dollars spent by this war machine annually, we still get our ass kicked.
    •    The Black Women in leadership have more balls than the negro men.
    •    Second only to genocide, is the intentional destruction of intellectual development.
    •    How long have genocide and eugenics been practiced?  I understand the Nazi’s observed u.s.a. , and they were made leaders of our health and education systems.
    •    What happened to the money (over $500 million) given to the Red Cross for Haiti’s relief?  I was told they built only six permanent homes.
    •    Why is Follywood so sinister and destructive?  Are you aware of the ”games” your children are “playing” on their cellies.
    •    We don’t need white folks in our organizations, tell them to leave and straighten their own communities because they are our problem.
    •    Voting is a tool the oligarchy use to determine how many of their subordinates (citizens) blindly follow them regardless of the injustice imposed.
    •    A statue of Albert Pike stands in the nation’s capital.
    •    Blacks afraid to speak against “massa”, afraid to be whistleblowers.

Things I question:
Why are we required to have direct deposit of our wages? Hummmm
What’s legal about a law system you don’t understand [legalese and contracts]?
In religion, why is there a man (Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, Muhammad, etc.) between you and The Creator?
Why the widespread manipulation of American Legislative Executive Council (ALEC), Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) and London Interbank Offered Rate (LIBOR) scandals continue unimpeded?
Why are Jews the chosen people of Anglo’s?
Why has Michelle Obama allowed herself to be castrated?  She has more papers than her husband.
What do you know of the Washitaw?
How pervasive are actuaries?  “I don’t care how deep your pockets are, if I control the price of everything, eventually I will own you.”
Locally, why isn’t there a Medivac system in place for the east side of DC?
Why is the U.S. police force still using medal-jacket bullets on its population?  Other ‘advanced’ countries use rubber bullets.