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A Few Concerns…

 Who were the lawyers and crafters of the toxic mortgage loans given to low income borrowers? 

Who gave approval to package toxic loans? Who are the holders of Social Security certificates from our birth that is on the stock exchange and what is their net worth? How many countries do we subsidize annually regardless of our fiscal condition?

What would happen if all individual income were capped at $120,000 and families of 4 or more @ $480,000, with everyone being taxed at a 15% rate? Minimum salary would be $40,000 annually.

List the Board of Directors for A.L.E.C. Why did these largest corporations initially join ALEC and how much support had they given? How many companies still support ALEC? How is ALEC related to the prison industrial complex? Who are the lawyers and crafters of the laws ALEC initiate? ALEC stated their next targets are laws governing the economy and education.

Who receive the largest corporate subsidies from the government and why is it given during this economic demise? How much do the government dowel out individual pensions annually and what are the largest pensions given? Europeans control 99% of all defense contracts and manufacturing. Corporations are cartels.

How much has the US spent on the military since WWII? What percent of defense contracts are awarded to minorities? Don’t Presidents realize innocent lives are at stake when they declare war? Low-income solders make up both sides of the battlefield. Capitalism has to be replaced and not with more pyramid capitalism, I don't care what colour it is!

Do minorities control any raw materials?

What is the true percentage of land ownership minorities control worldwide?

How many multinational corporations do African descendants control?

Looking at wealth, what percentage of total wealth do African descendants have?

Why is this country (USA) still using metal jacket bullets?

Why is every industry totally controlled by Europeans?

Where are the Black Subject Matter Experts in media?

What benefits do the Congressional Black Caucus or Black organizations or places of worship provide the Black community?

How many private communication lines/networks are there, who owns them and for what purposes?

Who (I want names) gives final approval for drugs to enter the public market and can they be sued?  Corporations are groups of people with an agenda.

Why is there no oversight on pricing? Are there any people of colour on the International Actuarial Association? 

Why can’t “We the people” have the same health benefits as those in congress?

When the Supreme Court doesn’t act in the best interest of “We the people”, what recourse do we have?

Will someone explain why Jews were given this omnipotent power and what is the role of the Anglos?

Why do the church have any responsibility to civil/state disobedience?

Why can’t this government identify an airplane or a boat full of narcotics?

Is there a case for collusion when legal and financial policy is not intended to benefit most of the people?

Why are there two councils and two constitutions in DC?

Why is Albert Pike statute in front of Judicial Square in DC?

Why is the cost of living so high? Ex. food, medicine, utilities, rent …

The problem is, we have allowed them to control the level of discourse.  This not about money, it’s about total control.

Laborers are for subjects/citizens.  The 1%’ers don’t groom the kids for labor.

Now if we could develop Action Tanks, not Think Tanks because Action Tanks devise a global strategy then take ACTION.