People of Colour Don't Control Anything

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Lets take a look at the growing wage gap.VentinMy contention is that we’ve been begging for small handouts from a satisfied for anything we can get position. They control the level of discourse. We have sought small rewards while the 1%ers have reaped huge profits.  Look at the bonuses given every year to execs who are mostly white.  Dumbing down of our music and education for the last 40 years. What percentage of contracts and subsidies are awarded to “minorities”?  Was the last financial crisis a reset for minorities?  How much of the budget goes to police agencies vs allocating more to senior and youth development?  Is the police department over manned or over equipped?  What is the ratio of minority ownership in retail, corporations, small businesses, public services and trades?  In what capacity can we take on A.L.E.C. or Citizen United?  Can we teach the public how to prepare and present lawsuits, personal and class-action?  

Lets take a look at the growing wage gap.

Privatization is not an option for minorities; we control no industries or public services.

Minorities don’t qualify for SBA loans.

Minorities don’t control the hiring of security clearance or executive jobs.

Minorities don’t control education or health policies.

Minorities don’t control banks, insurance, credit ratings or actuaries.

Minorities don’t control the news or defense contracts.

Minorities don’t control agriculture or manufacturing.

Minorities don’ control utility companies or transportation.

And minorities surely don’t control law, the courts or incarceration.

Minorities don’t control any natural resources or communal land.

Name five Black owned corporations in DC?

Was it deliberate that the Hispanic population increased six fold from their 1970 population?  Who decided this was necessary and what provisions were guaranteed?

That is ~ 2860 people everyday for 40 years!  Do you realize the training, housing and consumption guaranteed and generated?  Does the saturation of drugs and incarceration during the ‘70’s and ’80 correlate to this increased population? During this same period outsourcing of manufacturing jobs increased. Alcohol and drugs [literally] have always been present in people of colour communities since they arrived.  What purpose have churches served in keeping us docile?